GuardenAI is developing a robot capable of detecting and destroying agricultural pests by laser. We plan to launch a detection and prediction robot first, followed by a robot capable of eradication. We will focus on pests first, but later we plan to extend our robot's capabilities to weeds. We started training our AI on the potato beetle, which will be the first application of our technology.

Our technology is a biocompatible control method that would both reduce the pesticide content of the food produced and help farmers. As we are talking about an autonomous system, it could also be the answer to the labour shortage in agriculture.

With the Green Deal, the EU is planning to drastically reduce the amount of pesticides used by 80%, as currently planned, and it is the most effective ones that are to be phased out. GuardenAI is developing the technology to ensure that crop protection will continue to be effective in the future.


Our team was formed under the HSUP programme with five people, and then we added seven more IT specialists. We were accepted into several startup programmes, including Startit @K&H and the Future Founders Club. Collaboration with the ELTE Robotics Lab is being formed, and we got into the OXO Labs InnoCamp.

We are currently developing the minimum viable product and are about to invest.


We have an interdisciplinary team from four universities (ELTE, BME, Corvinus, MATE), including engineers, economists, agricultural engineers, AI experts, data scientists and other IT specialists. Together we cover all the areas needed to implement this complex project.